Conditions of Hire

The maximum capacity of the Hall must not exceed 100, including catering and bar staff.

 The hire is for the Hall only and not the surrounding outside areas. The surrounding land is for public use and not under the jurisdiction of the Village Hall Trustees.

 The hirer is not permitted to erect any external structures including but not limited to Barbecue Equipment, Gazebos, Tents, Marquees and inflatable structures such as Bouncy Castles on the surrounding land. This also includes ice cream, fish & chip vans etc.

 It is not permitted to park vehicles of any kind on the surrounding land except in the marked parking areas.

 The hirer shall not sublet or transfer this booking to any other person or organisation.

 If you wish to cancel your booking within 8 weeks of the date of hire, we will be unable to refund your payment.

Any cancellations outside of 8 weeks of the date of hire will lose their £50 non-refundable deposit, any remaining balance will be returned via bank transfer within 3 working days.

 If alcohol is to be sold a ‘Personal Licence or a Temporary Events Licence’ must be obtained from the Licensing Team at Milton Keynes Council and displayed on the notice board in the bar during your function.

 The hirer is responsible for obtaining any licences required for any type of function and will be responsible for observing all regulations which may be stipulated by any outside authority.

 Milton Keynes Village Hall has a policy of NO SMOKING and this must be adhered to at all times. Smoke detectors are fitted on all the ceilings throughout the building.

 The following must not be brought into the Hall: live animals, except Guide Dogs, anything inflammable or explosive, such as candles and indoor fireworks or articles producing an offensive smell, steam, gas, etc.

 All electrical equipment brought into the Village Hall must have a current Portable Appliance Test Certificate.

 No fittings or fixtures may be moved or additions made to the lighting, without consent.

 Helium balloons must not be left on the ceilings as they set the intruder alarm off when they fall down.

 FIRE EXITS must not be obstructed in any way. They must be unlocked and unbolted before your function and locked and bolted after. The Fire Routine Notice is on the notice board in the inner porch or on the kitchen wall, please read it.

 The function MUST NOT CONTINUE BEYOND 11.30 pm, all music and/or dancing must stop by 11.30pm to comply with the Premises Licence which is displayed on the notice board in the inner porch. (No exceptions are permitted).

 A refundable security/damage deposit of £200.00 is to be made by bank transfer at least 5 days before your function. 

  • No one (including entertainers) will be permitted entry to the building before the hirer arrives.
  • It is very important that you arrive promptly for your hire. You will be met be a member of the hall team who will open up and ensure you are fully aware of the hall facilities and our requirements.

However if you are over 15 minutes late the team member will have left the site and you may have great difficulty gaining entry for your hire.

 The Hall is to be left in a clean and tidy condition and all the furniture returned to the Storeroom after your booking.

 If the hall is not left in a satisfactory condition, the return of your deposit will not be confirmed at the end of your booking. A decision will be made by the committee after the event and you will be notified in writing within 7 working days of their decision.

All rubbish is to be taken away. Please do not use the Serco bin outside as it is a private rental.

If you are given keys to the Hall and they are lost, £50.00 will be deducted from your deposit.

The hirer is responsible for ensuring that adequate stewarding is provided throughout the period of hire and that no nuisance is caused to local residents by any means, especially the playing of loud music.

 Please ask all your guests to leave the Hall and car park as quietly as possible so they do not disturb local residents.

 Please do not leave valuables in the Hall overnight. Alcohol, money, food or possessions may attract a break-in.

 As the hirer, you are deemed to be in charge and must be present throughout the booking in the Hall, for the purposes of the Premises Licence and to indemnify the Trustees of Milton Keynes Village Hall against fines, claims or expenses arising out of any breach of the licence from the letting.

 As the hirer, you agree to indemnify Milton Keynes Village Hall against any loss, damage, claim of expenses, howsoever arising, inside or outside the Hall, caused or occasioned during your hiring.

 Your event is not covered by the Milton Keynes Village Hall insurance. Please arrange your own insurance for your event and ensure that any third-party entertainers or service providers have adequate and appropriate insurance cover.

 The Trustees accept no responsibility for injury to persons or loss or damage to personal belongings at the Hall.